Our vision is not only to create a food aid, but to turn this typical emergency response into a longterm sustainable measure. This by creating a product which effects help not only the hungry individual but the society as a whole. 

SunFeeds aspires to be a contributing actor in reaching Global Goal #2, "Zero Hunger".

This may sound controversial: We have completed our mission when SunFeeds' products and services are not be needed any longer. 


SunFeeds is a start-up based in Lund, Sweden. The start-up focuses on two things; developing a food product and formulating an approach to facilitate the product in, what we like to call, the right way

The entire business of SunFeeds could be based in Sweden and exported to hunger affected regions. But we do not want that. We believe that the greatest benefits are created when venturing on the creation of inclusive, locally engaged business, not an exporting aid project.

The idea has been developed from the needs and identified problems from the greatest actorson the market, UNICEF and WFP. 

SUNFEEDS PRODUCTS is a new nutritional replacement food aimed for two different target groups. SunFeeds- RUTF is developed to meet the needs of children aged 6-59 months who suffer from severe malnutrition. SunFeeds -cream aims to meet the needs of elderly who are cared for in the healthcare- system. 

Both products are easily packaged in a portion sized sachet with up to two years shelf life which makes it easy to distribute and for care-personal to serve. SunFeeds is based on sunflower kernels which provides a high protein and energy count. SunFeeds is free from nut and legumes allergens



The approach is formulated so the manufacturing can be sited in regions where the product is needed. We are investigating different ways of achieving this, always striving towards the creation of an economically sustainable manufacturing that will be able to feed on itself. 

Our goal is to develop a well functioning RUTF-product that can be turned, from a typical emergency response, into a long term sustainability measure. This idea, which is also our vision, has affected our business model by becoming our approach.

Our aim is to create a new RUTF-product, that could fill the existing gaps in the market (taste, price, accessibility), and to facilitate it in the right way. This is something we do by venturing on local production where the way of manufacturing is outlined from the SDGs and the needs and the knowledge from the region where the product is needed. By doing so, we can produce a food product that is suited for the most sensitive target group (children suffering from SAM) but in the same way enable the benefits from the entire production to go to the hunger affected regions. 



Five years ago, during our last year in Swedish high school, we got the opportunity to write our exam paper in almost any subject we wanted to. The choice was simple; we wanted to write about hunger. Hunger is one of the world's greatest health issues, at the same time hunger is the greatest solvable health issue (WFP). We have enough resources to feed the world, we just need to allocate the resources right. For us, this knowledge was translated into SunFeeds.

Iris Bjerkén, CEO & Founder

Mechanical engineering student at Lund University

Elsa Sjödahl, Head of Board & Founder

Mechanical engineering student at Lund University

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Iris Bjerkén
CEO, Founder

Contact info:

Elsa Sjödahl
Head of Board, Founder

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Lund, Sweden